Best Convection Oven

If there is one thing I believe every kitchen should have, it has to be the oven. A countertop oven works best, primarily when it uses convection to cook food. But what is the best convection oven to invest in today?

To help you decide on what to get for your kitchen, read on as I show you the best convection oven reviews so you can bake and cook food the right way.

Five Best Convection Oven Reviews

Based on my research, tests, and overall customer reviews, here are the top five best convection oven reviews to check out now:

1. Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro Convection Toaster Oven

What I appreciate about the Breville BOV845BSS is that it has all the advanced features I need in one. There are ten pre-set cooking functions, so I can use it for just about anything, from toasting down to baking and broiling.

It does the job quickly and without any issues, with the inbuilt fan that circulates hot air evenly. It has the optimum design as well, as there are a clear window and an interior oven light to view the progress of what you are cooking.

The walls and pans in the oven are very easy to clean as well. It has a non-stick cavity coating that makes it easy to wipe clean. It can cook almost anything, and with its dial and LCD screen for easy setting adjustment, I can say that this oven is one of the best regarding power and design.

Non-stick cavity coating for easy cleaning
LCD screen and dial for easy adjustment
Ten pre-set cooking methods
Can fit a lot inside
Well built and durable

Door is squeaky
Expensive price

2. Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven Convection Toaster Oven

Another excellent convection oven from Breville, the Smart Oven has the LCD screen and dials that make it easy to adjust its temperature. I appreciate its LCD screen as well, as it changes color according to its status. The changes from blue to orange so you know it’s cooking.

What makes this different from the other convection ovens is that it comes with an Element IQ, which makes the oven deliver power and a particular time to adjust its taste. With its nine pre-set functions and efficient cooking with all types of foods, it’s worth the investment and will last for a long time. It stays strong despite constant usage and I feel like it will last for years to come.

Toasts evenly
Element IQ for better cooking
Strong and durable body
Many pre-set functions to choose from

Expensive price
Buzzer is very loud

3. Hamilton Beach 31103A Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie

Hamilton Beach is a more affordable alternative to Breville, and though it has no LCD screen to display the settings, it comes with the timers and dials you can set without hassle. This Oven has the maximum versatility to cook and reheat anything, including a rotisserie. It also has the extra-large capacity, as it comes with two racks and can fit two 12-inch pizzas, two casseroles, and two cake pans. It can even fit a five-pound chicken and be used as a rotisserie!

The convection oven can bake faster and comes with a two-hour timer. It’s also effortless to clean, as it has a slide-out drip tray and walls you can wipe off. For its excellent design, simple settings, and the extra-large capacity without being too much of a space-waster, I would recommend it for large households and families.

Extra-large capacity
Can use for baking, broiling, or even rotisserie
Has easy-to-use dials and settings
Easy to clean
Saves on space

Top gets very hot
The pans aren’t very strong

5. Black+Decker CTO6335S Countertop Convection Toaster Oven

For those who want something that saves on space but with adequate capacity inside the oven, then Black+Decker CTO6335S is another excellent choice. You can choose between a dual or triple rack position that will still be able to toast and cook your food evenly. It can fit in casserole dishes, pizza, and has a drip tray to catch crumbs, making it easier to clean.

I like the fact that it has an LCD screen to display the settings, as well as one-touch cooking functions. It makes baking or broiling hassle-free. At an affordable price and with all the features I want, it’s a must-have if you’re on a budget and wants to save on space.

LCD screen for easy setting adjustment
Affordable price
Generous cooking capacity
Cooks and toasts evenly
Easy to clean

Wordings on control panel rubs off quickly
Not as long-lasting as other convection ovens

Convection Countertop Oven vs. Regular Toaster Ovens

So you’re probably thinking: What makes a convection countertop oven different from my regular toaster oven?

A convection oven would heat up much faster as it uses a fan and exhaust system, which regular ovens and toasters don’t. Through this system, it blows hot air over and around the food, venting it back out.

That’s way, the hot air would surround the food for an even and quick toast. The circulating heat would allow you to bake, brown, or even crisp food for a juicier result.As for a toaster oven, they can toast and heat your food quickly but are better for simply rewarming leftovers or doing little jobs, such as toasting bread.

There are heating elements on the top and bottom of the toaster, so the food cooks on both sides, but not as consistent and even as the convection oven. It’s a quick fix, and for warming up food, whereas a convection oven has more benefits, I’ll be getting into in the next section.

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